Co-Op Advertising

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Co-op advertising has been around since there has been print advertising, and it remains strong even in today’s world of online marketing.  Co-op advertising is a common advertising practice used by manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors.  It enables products/services to be highlighted in regional and local advertising.

Think of amusement parks, like Six Flags here in New Jersey.  They always have some sort of promotion through Coca-Cola, such as “buy one get one free” or “half-price tickets” with a coke can.  Coca-Cola enjoys the endorsement of its products by Six Flags, while Six Flags gets extra special pricing on product purchases. More importantly, since the advertising specifically mentions both Six Flags and Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola will help offset the cost of the co-op advertising campaign by jointly paying for the co-op advertising with Six Flags.

As an online marketing company and a traditional media marketing company, we run both online and traditional co-op advertising campaigns.  Don’t have the capital or resources to advertise the way you want to?  Sign up for our mutually beneficial co-op advertising program.  We’ll offset your advertising costs while also advertising your business.

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