The Lighter Side

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On this page of the site we show some ads and commercials that we liked or thought were funny or interesting.

Guerrilla Ads

Guerrilla Ads is the term used to describe any ad that is not in a conventional medium such as print, billboard, radio, internet or television. Typically, the the guerrilla ads put the product into real life and generally surprise the public. Take a look at this list of Guerrilla Ads:

Billboards that caught our ATTENTION

All drivers know the concept of a billboard and it is safe to assume that all drivers have seen a billboard at one point in their driving career. But how many have seen billboards like these. This is a list of very creative and eye-catching billboards.

The Shift in Technology

A video with moving infographics about the current shift in technology. Did you know the average American Teenager sends around 2,000 texts a month?

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Sports Car Racing 1967

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