SEM Overview II

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BullsEye Marketing will strengthen your on-line marketing efforts by providing the most comprehensive platform for internet marketing for your target audience and future customers.

Solution One

Search Engine Marketing, “SEM”, also known as Pay-Per-Click, “PPC”.  The bidding on specific keywords entered into Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing) to serve text ads (campaigns) to pre-qualified customers  who click (take action), and direct the prospective customers to the client web-site.  Using proven to perform techniques that keep the user experience as relevant as possible, hence increasing the statistical probability to generate conversations (leads).

BullsEye “SEM” Program Features

  • Start tracking conversions, stop tracking “clicks.”
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Database Creation
  • Negative Keywords
  • Positive Keywords
  • Creation Of Campaign(s)
  • Copy Writing Text ad(s)
  • A/B testing for optimum CTR% and Conversion
  • Budget Allocation To Each Campaign
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Proxy Website
  • Unique 800# Call Tracking Program
  • Automated Cross Channel Bid Management And Optimization Software
  • Automated Daily Full Disclosure Reporting


  • Superior Tracking. Finally, you can see ROI/CPC through a PPC Campaign.
  • You will know how many phone calls and form submissions occurred in the given month
  • You will know the most popular areas of your website.
  • You will know that the activity is authentic; it is tracked by individual user IP address. (proprietary
  • software)
  • Your traffic volume will increase proportionate to your investment
  • Your conversions (leads) will go up
  • Visits to your map & direction’s page will go up
  • Phone leads will go up
  • Sales leads will go up
  • Download of coupons or white paper will go up
  • Total revenue will go up
  • See and know what keywords are being used
  • See and know what geography your text ads are being served in
  • See what geography you are getting the most conversions in
  • See what times of the day and days of the week are converting best
  • Knowing that you have the most aggressive program in the market and the knowledge that the program is focused on conquest business opportunities

Terms & Fees

  • Three month minimum, month to month thereafter. Budget to be determined on a case by case basis any percentage of any monthly budget not spent will be applied to the next month and continue to do so until fully invested.
  • We also recommend that no increase to the budget to be made for the first three months.  It’s important to build an initial performance baseline through consistency for this program to achieve best results.

Solution Two

Call now, 888-412-2695 ext: 24 to schedule a meeting so you can get started immediately.  Most programs can go live within two weeks.