SEM Overview I

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BullsEye Marketing’s award winning program and seasoned professionals offer today’s ultimate efficiencies in SEM/PPC algorithmic software programming.

BullsEye Marketing Delivers:

Superior Tracking

  • Full dashboard reporting of all your campaign key performance indicator’s (KPI’s)
  • Phone calls, Emails, form submissions, first generation leads
  • Cost per lead and each prospects IP Address
  • Turnkey programs custom tailored to meet your sales objectives

Account management

  • Advanced ongoing campaign recalibration
  • Patent pending technology tracking keywords, conversions across all search engines, contact sites, social media and banner advertising.


  • No hidden information
  • Business intelligence previously unattainable
  • Scalable solutions

Simultaneous national & localized placements on 95% of all US and/or International internet search including social networks.

  • Ability to push text, image and video ads to mobile platforms.
  • Smart technology – Our Conversion Based Optimization software will determine which keywords, times of day, days of the week and search engines that drive the most pre-qualified    traffic to your site. (based on actual customer conversions via – incoming phone calls, emails & form submissions).
  • Data is evaluated and used month to month to focus your budget on driving more actual customer conversions (not just website visitors).
  • Budget tool: Our patent pending budget tool will recommend an appropriate campaign budget based on products/services offered & desired geographic coverage.
  • Detailed reporting includes: keyword data, customer incoming phone call tracking & recording, visitor IP tracking & page tracking.