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Welcome to BullsEye Marketing! We’re a unique advertising agency that specializes in both traditional media and online marketing. Our focus is on building traffic, be it showroom traffic, phone traffic, or online traffic. But that’s just the beginning. We not only practice the art of traffic building, but also increasing conversions while focusing on quality. Located right in the middle of New York City and Philadelphia, we are sitting in two of the top markets in the country, but our great ideas and the best tracking techniques will work anywhere. With a staff of over thirty professionals located in four states, BullsEye Marketing manages SEM campaigns in over forty states. Our national program is bar-none when it comes to solid results and customer service, no matter where you are.

Our agency principles have been around for 25 years and that kind of tenure brings the tried and true type of experience that your business can benefit from.  We’re not like most marketing companies; we’re more like a consulting firm.  We don’t advertise in all arenas just because we can.  We’ll figure out what’s best for you, where you can reach the most potential customers, and attack any target marketplace for maximum return.  We’re like the military of the marketing world.  Research, strategy, planning, and execution…mission accomplished.

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BullsEye Marketing provides marketing management, creative design, media buying, SEO, and a lot of other proprietary cool things to make your business successful.  We focus on all the primary online advertising verticals such as email advertising, SEM, SEO, and webpage development and design.  We’re online marketing consultants.  Best of all, all of our solutions are measurable and chances are they out perform 4 of the 5 techniques that you are currently using.  We don’t like tooting our own horn (as you can tell by this paragraph), but we are the best at what we do.  We’re even Google Adwords certified, see:

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We’re also Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassadors and Microsoft Ad Excellence Members:

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Everybody seems to be blogging these days, so we figured we’d start too.  Besides, we think we have a lot to share with the world, well at least the business world anyway.