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Google Caffeine Set to Go Live

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Google Caffeine is being rolled out and there are going to be changes in the search results.

There’s no need to panic if your rankings change for the worse with the new architecture. Just keep on doing good SEO NJ. That will surely will help you restore your rankings in the new Google.

If your web site traffic is wholly dependent on Google rankings, then there are ways to safeguard yourself from a drastic traffic drop. Go to your Google Analytics account and export all the major keywords that drive your traffic. Check your rank on multiple keywords and keep an eye on your rankings fluctuations. This way you’ll be able to spot ranking drops as soon as they occur and try to fix the problem, preventing traffic drops. If you see your rank for your major selling keyword drop, then a PPC campaign can be a quick fix for the time your SEO efforts take effect.



December 1, 2009


Thanks for the update. Its always scary when Google changes something. I hope you are right that this wont affect rankings.. but with that said, I am a bit nervouse though

    B. Alan

    December 2, 2009


    It is scary when Google changes something. But I think with enough hard work we can keep our rankings the same, we just need to know about the changes in advance so we can be on top of our game.

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