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Email Advertising is the Preferred Form of Communication Among Consumers

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In a recent survey, email database marketing was shown to be the preferred method of communication. When asked to rank their preferred methods of receiving marketing messages from vendors, 62% of responding consumers said that email database marketing was their preferred channel of communication, followed by 23% for direct mail, and 13% for social media. The least preferred way to be contacted was telemarketing, with 80% putting it at the bottom of their lists.

The survey, conducted in Boston, MA, in October 2009, also showed that email database marketing communications frequently trigger purchases, with 75% of respondents indicating that they had bought products or services as a direct result of receiving an email marketing message from a vendor.

The most common items bought as a result of email database marketing were clothing and accessories (82%), followed by purchases from restaurants and coffee shops by 49% of respondents. Other popular items bought as a direct result of email database marketing campaigns include grocery items (40%) and personal electronics (38%).

The survey also asked consumers about their involvement in social media direct marketing.

Social media marketing was found to be significant, with 40% of respondents stating they receive correspondence from vendors on the social networking sites they use, such as Facebook and Twitter. Nearly one in five people (17%) had volunteered or requested that companies actively contact or update them via these social media platforms.

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