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Mobile Marketing Makes the World Greener

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A company in the UK has found a way to make mobile marketing more environmentally friendly. The company, Text Marketer, has developed a way to enable businesses to market themselves through SMS and also plant a tree at the same time, so to speak.

Text Marketer has launched a plan called Plant a Forest Program for its SMS customers. Through this plan, 25,000 square meters of woodland will be planted for every 10,000 bulk text messages sent by customers using mobile marketing.

The businesses in the UK using Text Marketer’s services will not only reap the benefits of mobile marketing, but they will also reduce their impact on the environment. The more trees there are, the more carbon dioxide in the environment is absorbed. So marketing efforts are directly related to how much carbon dioxide is absorbed. The more a business utilizes Text Marketer’s mobile marketing, the more it will contribute to environmental conservation.

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