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Richard St. John's 8 Secrets to Success

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In February 2005, Richard St. John gave a presentation at the TED Conference about success. After 7 years and 500 interviews, he developed 8 simple secrets for anyone to be successful. Those 8 secrets are:

  • Passion
  • Work
  • Good
  • Focus
  • Push
  • Serve
  • Ideas
  • Persist

Passion means that you love what you do, don’t just do it for the money.

Work means that there is alot of hard work involved. But just because there is hard work to be done, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also have fun while working.

Good means that you need to get “damn good” at something. And you can do that by practicing, day in and day out. Get so good at something that you can be considered one of the best at it.

Focus refers to focusing on one thing at a time. You can’t tackle all the world’s problems all at once.

Push means you need to physically and mentally push yourself beyond your limits. You need to push yourself out of shyness and self-doubt.

Serve means to serve others something of value, as we live in a service economy.

Ideas are just that, ideas. Whether they are creative, uncreative, original, or unoriginal, it is necessary to have good ideas.

And finally, the most important secret of them all, you need to persist. Everybody fails, even at things that they’re good at. But you need to persist through failure, learn from your mistakes. Take a line from the movie “Batman Begins”, “Why do we fall?”…”So we can learn to pick ourselves up.” We all have to go through crap before we get to where we want to be. But persistence is key for you to succeed.

Watch Richard St. John’s lecture here:

[ted id=70]

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