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Reaching Balance is Essential for your Email Database Marketing Campaign

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Email database marketing is the most effective and cost-efficient medium available for your internet marketing campaign.  Emails enable you to develop a long-term dialogue and relationship with your customer.  However, if you abuse your email marketing campaign, you can also harm your relationship with your customer. So you must strike a delicate balance.

In order to reach that balance, you should combine informative content with promotional content. You should create the need for your product/service by providing relevant information. Then you can start the sales process by providing promotional content.  For example, car repair businesses can explain the importance of maintenance, the benefits of repairing instead of replacing, or even the symptoms of required maintenance before offering their services.

Because of this delicate balance that is required, careful planning is a necessity for your email database marketing campaing. A successful campaign is constantly improving itself in order to meet customer expectations.  In my next post, I will give you some tips on how to run a successful email database marketing campaign.

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October 28, 2009


Another great post.
Thank you for the information, Its good to see such quality posts.
Im subscribing to your blog.
Keep them comming.

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